Business that will make you lots of money in 2024!

Exposed! Former Nigerian Bank Staff Reveals His Little-Known Business Which He Uses To Pocket 5,000 - 10,000 Naira Every Day With Just His Smartphone And How You Too Can Use His Step By Step Secret Strategies To Make A Lot Of Money From Your Home In Nigeria In 2024!!!!

how to start a data reselling business in Nigeria the complete guide

by Motunrayo Omonoteje 

 At long last, 2024 is finally here!

After so much fanfare and pageantry which heralded the coming of the New Year...

The euphoria has finally subsided.

And now most people are reminded of their ever rising unsettled  bills without a reciprocal financial capacity to take care of them.

So, they go on to ask themselves:

"How long are my going to continue like this? Soon, schools will be resuming and I will need to buy books and pay school fees again. Then there is our living expenses to take care of on a daily basis. Life has become a constant struggle for me."

Perhaps you are in the same situation too and you are now wondering to yourself:

Which business can I do to make plenty of money in 2024 to adequately take care of my family?

If that is your reason for being here, then TODAY is your LUCKY DAY!

This post will address in explicit detail businesses that you can do starting from TODAY to make lots of money in 2024 and even beyond.

Meanwhile, I know for a fact that you already have an idea of various businesses that many people do to make money. 

Some of these businesses which you see people do every day include:

1. Restaurant / Food Hawking

2. Computer / Business Center

3. Barbing / Beauty Care Salon

4. Poultry / Fish Farming 

5. Soft Drinks Distributorship 

6. Car Wash

7. Supermarket

8. Building Materials

9. Pharmacy

10. Canopies / Chairs Rental

And so many more.

However, you may not be sure that these businesses will make you lots of money in 2024.

Personally, I honestly think that the money you will make from these businesses is not commensurate to the stress involved in managing them.

And I dare add that they are a great source of premium headache pro max too.

Therefore, if I were you, I would look beyond any of those businesses which are popularly known as "brick and mortar businesses".

So, which business should you be doing RIGHT NOW that will make you a lot of money in 2024 and even beyond? 

Alright, come along as I take you on this groovy ride!

Business That Will Make You Lots Of Money In 2024

To give you an idea of the kind of business that you should be doing right now to make lots of money in 2024...

Let me tell you a little story.

The date was Sunday, 5th November, 2023.

I was at home in the cool evening of the day thinking of what to prepare for dinner when my phone suddenly rang.

I looked at it.

It was an unsaved number.

Unlike some folks who would ignore the call, as an online business person, I always pick all calls - unless the call is from a hidden number.

So, I picked it up.

It was from Wale, one of my VTU customers.

Wale had been buying data from me on a regular basis for about 2 weeks.

During that time, I had already made over 800 naira from his purchases alone.

He always bought 3gb data for 900 naira from me.

And I always made 211 naira from each data transaction (see image number 4)

Multiply that by 4 times.

That is 844 naira.

And it was not yet the end of the month.

So, on this fateful day, Wale called me and introduced me to his dad, Papa Wale.

I spoke with the older man who informed me that he wanted to buy MTN 40gb data.

His reasons for calling was of two-fold.

One, he wanted to know if it was possible for him to buy MTN 40gb data.

He also wanted to know the cost of the data.

So, I did some quick calculation and told him the amount: 11,600 naira.

That was at the rate of 2,900 naira for 10gb.

He said okay and told me he would get in touch with me.

And I forgot about him completely.

He did not call again until the following day, 6th November, 2023.

After picking his call, Papa Wale informed me that he had made payment into my Palmpay account.

I hurriedly opened my Palmpay account and looked at it.

Then I smiled as I saw the big black 11,600 naira staring back at me in my Palmpay account. See image number 1 below.

Image Number 1 showing the 11,600 naira payment made by Papa Wale for MTN 40gb Data Plan into my Palmpay Account on Monday 6th November, 2023

which business can I do to make a lot of money in 2024

After cutting the call, I quickly transferred the sum of 11,900 naira into the Wallet of my Data Back Office (see image number 2)

Thereafter, I immediately set out to send the 40gb data to the 2 phone numbers provided by Papa Wale.

And before you could say "Jack Robinson", I was through with the whole transaction.

Now, let us do some calculation.

The cost of purchasing the MTN 10gb data is 2,295 naira (see image number 3)

Therefore, total cost of the data
= 2,295 X 4 = 9,180 naira

I sold it to Papa Wale at 2,900 naira for each 10gb data.

The total 40gb data amounted to 11,600 naira (that is 2,900 naira X 4).

Now remove the cost of purchasing the 40gb data from the amount I sold it.

That is 11,600 naira - 9,180 naira

= 2,420 naira

Did you see that?

Over 2,400 naira made from a single transaction...

✓ Without spending one naira on buying of expensive fuel at 670 naira per liter

✓ Without spending one naira for shop rent or paying any employee to assist me in the business

✓ Without any fancy and expensive equipment

✓ And with just my smartphone from the comfort of my home.

And, to top it all up, I even used the customer's money to buy the data before selling it to him.

Talking about using Other People's Money (OPM) for doing business, the data reselling business is a typical example of such businesses.

✓ The customer pay into your account.

✓ You sub data or airtime for the customer using his money.

✓ And you simply pocket the difference.

As simple as that.

Then you go on to another customer to rinse and repeat the whole process.

Going back to that transaction with Papa Wale, I ended up making over 2,000 naira from that single transaction from the comfort of my home. See the images below.

Image Number 2 showing the 11,900 naira (less 50 naira charge) fund transfer I made into my Data Back Office that same day (please take note of the date and time)

how to make money online in nigeria

Image Number 3 showing the data of MTN 10gb into 4 places which I sent to Papa Wale (please take note of the date and time). Take note that the delay in sending the data was caused by network problem from MTN. But, Papa Wale patiently waited until his two lines were credited with the 40gb data. 

easy ways to make money

Image Number 4 showing 3gb data which I normally sell to Wale at 900 naira 

how to make 1000 dollars per day

 Now, just imagine that I have a POS stand with all the paraphernalia of the business in place...

⇒ An umbrella or rented shop

⇒ Table and chair

⇒ POS machine

⇒ And every other tool of the business

How much do you think I would have made by now?

A lot, abi?

But, the best part is that I am no longer an ordinary data reseller.

I have graduated to becoming a proud owner of a VTU / data reseller platform of my own.

The name is VTU YARD.

And right now I have over 60 customers using the platform for buying data, airtime and doing other VTU transactions every day.

See image number 5 below.

Image Number 5 showing the Admin Panel of VTU YARD - My VTU / Data Reseller Platform 

how to start a data reselling business in nigeria the complete guide

The beauty of having a VTU platform of your own is that you can have thousands of data resellers on the platform all working to put money in your bank account.

Though I may not be able to make over 2,000 naira per transaction again - like I did with Papa Wale...

Right now, I still make an average of N2k to N5k every day.

Multiply that by 30, that amounts to between N60k and N150k every month.

That is what some employees wait to get after 30 days of complete dependence on their 9 to 5 desk jobs.

But even then that money is very small compared to what some people make every month with their platforms.

You may find it hard to believe, but the truth is that some people make as much as N500,000 to N1,000,000 from their VTU platform every month.

Are you shocked?

Please don't be.

For you to understand just how easy it is to make that kind of money from the data reselling business...

Imagine a situation where 1,000 people are gladly giving you 500 naira every month...

How much would that amount to every month?

I leave you to provide the answer to that question.

Again, imagine that, instead of the 1,000 people giving you 500 naira every month, what they give to you is broken down as follows...

400 people give you N500

300 people give you N700

200 people give you N1,000

And 100 people give you N2,000

Again, how much would that amount to every month?

Do you now see just how possible it is for anyone to make as much as N500,000 to N1,000,000 from the data reselling business in one month?

I believe you do.

Businesses That You Should Be Doing RIGHT NOW

Has the nickel dropped yet?

If not, let me spell it out for you:

The businesses that you should be doing right now to make lots of money in 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028 and even beyond are businesses that is capable of giving you passive income.

What is a business that has passive income?

First, let us understand the meaning of "passive income".

According to Wikipedia, passive income means "a type of unearned income that is acquired with minimal labor to earn or maintain. It is often combined with another source of income, such as regular employment or a side job. Passive income, as an acquired income, is taxable."

What is an example of a passive income?

Continuing, Wikipedia stated:  "Examples of passive income include rental income and business activities in which the earner does not materially participate."

The free online resource added: "It can take a long period of work and accumulation before passive income can be acquired. Passive income can be a way of creating financial independence and early retirement, because the beneficiary will receive an income regardless of whether they are materially active in the activity creating the revenue."

Let me bring out that last part again for emphasis:

The beneficiary will receive an income regardless of whether they are materially active in the activity creating the revenue.

Hence, as the name implies, passive income is revenue earned continuously into the future from activities that have been done in the past.

In other words, you only need to do the work just once, though it may "take a long period of work and accumulation", for you to keep earning passive income from that singular effort, in some cases for life.

There are so many businesses in this category - like rental income and dividends from high-performing multinational companies.

Obviously, the data reselling business is a business that has passive income too.

But, where the data reselling business is different from many passive income businesses is that there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn from the business.

That is why the data reselling business is one of those few businesses with passive income that can make you lots of money in 2024 - especially as the owner of a VTU platform.

You only need to get customers just once for you to keep earning from your VTU platform for as long as those customers are alive or continue to use your website.

And as the customers for your VTU platform keep increasing so too will the income from the platform continue to increase endlessly.

How To Make A Lot Of Money From The VTU Business In Nigeria In 2024

There are 7 different ways that you can make money  from the VTU business in Nigeria in 2024. They are as follows:  

1. Reselling of airtime and data.

 2. Generation of Educational PINs (WAEC and NECO Registration and Result Checker PINs) on behalf of customers who need them at a commission.

3. Payment of electricity bills on behalf of customers who need them at a commission.

4. Payment of Cable TV subscriptions (DSTV, GOtv and Star Times) on behalf of customers who need them at a commission.

5. Having your own VTU platform where other people can sign up and begin carrying out all the transactions from (1) to (4) above on the site.

6. Building and selling VTU platforms for people.

7. Teaching other people the business.

Of all the above ways to make money from the VTU business, number 5 to 7 will make you the most money very quickly.

​The obvious reason is that you can use them to scale your income from the data reselling business superfast.

​But, it all begins with having your own VTU platform.

By having your own VTU platform, you will be able to accept thousands of users on your platform and begin to make money passively from the VTU business without being actively involved. 

 ✓ Someone buys or resells airtime or data using your platform, you make money!

✓Another person generates Educational PINs (WAEC and NECO Registration and Result Checker PINs) for himself or on behalf of customers who need them, you make money!

✓ Someone else  pays electricity bills for himself or on behalf of customers who need them, you make money!

✓ Still another person makes payment for Cable TV subscriptions (DSTV, GOtv and Star Times) on behalf of customers who need them, you make money!

​You may not even be aware of when all the above transactions were conducted, but you still end up making money.


​Because you are the owner of the platform - that's why!

And that is the best way to make money online in Nigeria in 2024.

But, it does not end there.

 There are some of your thousands of customers who would certainly want to have their own VTU website too.

So, what do you do?

Simple. You build it for them and then sell it to them too.

For instance, if you charge your clients N100k for each VTU platform you build and you are able to build just 10 in a month...

That is an additional income of N1,000,000 every month.

​It still does not end there.

You will also be able to leverage on your VTU platform to organize coaching programs for those who are interested in learning about the business.

So, you see?

Having your own VTU platform is non-negotiable as it is the beginning of your journey to financial freedom.

If you would love to have your own VTU platform so that you can begin earning passive income from the comfort of your home in Nigeria, click the link below to set the ball rolling right away. 

Right now, there are 2 ready-made VTU platforms that you can choose from to launch your business to a flying start instantly.

​They are VTU Store and Data Boss.

how to start a data reselling business in nigeria

​Choose one and it is yours instantly.

​But, if you do not like any of those 2 names above, you can also choose from the following premium names below.

VTU Place
VTU House
VTU Home
VTU Mall
VTU Plaza
Pay Master
My SME Wallet
SME Starter
Data Master
Data Place
Data Shop

I normally charge N100k for every VTU website that I build.

But, I have decided to help you succeed.

So, I am not going to collect that amount from you.

​Here is what I have decided to do.

I am giving the first 20 persons who order my "Smart VTU Business Made Easy" (aka "Advanced Income Generator 2.0") package  which comes with a full-fledged, fully-functional VTU website plus the app a huge discount of N25k.

smart vtu business made easy aka advanced income generator

​In other words...

If you send in your order and make payment TODAY, you will be able to get instant access to your own full-fledged, fully-functional VTU website plus the app so that you can start earning passive income from your home for JUST N75k only!


You MUST be among the first 20 persons to send in your order and make payment and you must do it TODAY for you to be able to get the huge discount of N25k instantly.

​But, that is not all you will get.

As part of the complete "Smart VTU Business Made Easy" (aka "Advanced Income Generator 2.0") package, you will also get juicy and mouth-watering Unfair Advantage Bonuses comprising of 12 solid videos, PDF reports and image files valued at over 700,000 naira.


So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and send in your order and make payment immediately so that you too can start earning passive income from your own VTU platform even while you sleep...

Order the package right away and you will only need to pay N75k to become the proud owner of a VTU website / app within 48 hours.


The N25k discount is for the FIRST 20 persons who will order and make payment for the package right away.

By the way, I can only build one VTU website per day, so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

No money? No problem!

However, if the money to have your own VTU platform is a challenge for you...

Then you can opt for the second option, which is to sign up and become a partner with VTU YARD.

The great thing about becoming a partner with VTU YARD is that it is completely free.

Thus, you can use the platform to generate the money needed to have your own platform.

If you would love to begin your VTU business as a partner of VTU YARD so that you can resell our services to raise money for your own VTU platform sometime later, click the link below to get started now.


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