Legit or Scam? Ibrahim Umoru’s Email Copywriting Course Adverts – What You Must Know Before Making Payment

who is ibrahim umoru

Are you interested in buying the Inbox Marketing Academy (IMA) email copywriting course by Ibrahim Umoru?

If so, I hope you have not made payment o!

You have?

Jesus is Lord!

Which account did you pay into?

Is it the UBA account of Ibrahim Umoru – No: 2222121442?

It is?

Dear Lord!!!


Because we have reasons to believe that…

ibrahim umoru scam or legit

Difficult to believe, right?

Most certainly so.

But, unfortunately, that is what it is.

By the way, those who made payment to his Sterling Bank (Selar) account (No. 8529649817), which by the way was for one day only (I never knew that you can open a bank account which will expire in one day)…

and those who paid into his UBA account (No. 2222121442) are still counting their losses and licking their wounds till the time of putting up this post.

Check out the images of some of them below.

ibrahim umoru scam or legit ibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scam

ibrahim umoru scam or legit ibrahim umoru scamibrahim umoru scamibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scamibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scam

Those images are just a tip of the iceberg compared to the thousands of people we believe have fallen victim of Ibrahim Umoru’s scam.

What makes it worse is that he does not respond to any of these allegations against him.

Table of Contents

The Meaning & Definition of Scam

Before we continue, let us understand the meaning of scam.

According to definition from Google’s English Dictionary provided by Oxford Languages, scam (/skam/) is a noun (INFORMAL) which means “a dishonest scheme; a fraud”.

Usage of a scam is: “an insurance scam”

Similar terms include: “fraud, swindle, fraudulent scheme, racket, trick, diddle, con, con trick, flimflam, kite, ramp, twist, hustle, grift, shakedown, bunco, boondoggle, rort”.

The verb form of a scam is: “swindle”.

Another example of its usage is: “a guy that scams old pensioners out of their savings”

Similarly, Merriam-Webster defines scam as follows: 

“noun ˈskam
Synonyms of scam: a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (an insurance scam)

scammed; scamming; scams

transitive verb

1: to deceive and defraud (someone)
… the law firm had got the lucrative job of defending the corporate head of a savings and loan that had scammed another thousand or so people out of their savings …
—Joseph Wambaugh

2: to obtain (something, such as money) by a scam
A Boston hedge fund manager who scammed millions of dollars from friends, family and other investors in what authorities say was a Ponzi scheme has been sent to prison for more than 14 years.
—The Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette”

Also lending its voice to the subject, Dictionary.com defines scam as follows:

a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

verb (used with object),scammed, scam·ming.
to cheat or defraud with a scam.”

Cambridge Dictionary also defines scam as follows:

“scam noun [ C ]
UK /skæm/ US /skæm/
a dishonest plan for making money or getting an advantage, especially one that involves tricking people:
Banks often carry information about email scams on their websites.
To avoid scams, never sign things in a hurry.
an insurance scam”

Bottom line… 

A scam simply means:

“A dishonest and fraudulent act of collecting money from people usually under false pretense without delivering the service or product for which the money was collected.”

Based on the above definition, is Ibrahim Umoru guilty as charged?

ibrahim umoru scam or legit

Let us not be hasty in passing judgement on Umoru.

First, let us hear what he has to say in his defense in the face of these weighty allegations of scam against him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (X) and Instagram.

Ibrahim Umoru’s Defense

The problem we will encounter in getting Ibrahim Umoru’s response is that he is unreachable. Therefore, getting him to tell us his own side of the story is virtually impossible.

So, the only option left is to direct all our focus and attention to the internet. And that is what I did.

But, after one whole month of extensive investigation and research into the matter, I discovered that one of the strategies Ibrahim Umoru uses is: complete silence.

In other words…

Ibrahim Umoru simply ignores the many allegations of scam against him that is flying all around the internet.

You can see for yourself that he did not respond to any of the above allegations of scam made against him on Facebook or elsewhere – not even one.

However, he was more interested in getting new converts into the fold of dissatisfied, disgruntled and unhappy customers. 

ibrahim umoru scam or legit      ibrahim umoru scam or legit

By the way, I checked his easycopy.club website where he directed people to sign up for his webinar…

But, I could not find anything of value on the site.

ibrahim umoru scam or legit        ibrahim umoru scam or legit

And when he manages to answer, he gives the following rather lame excuse:

“It’s unfortunate how people impersonate me to swindle others and I get blamed for it. So sorry that happened to you. I don’t and never teach Affiliate marketing.”

ibrahim umoru scam

Another strategy he employs is: reverse psychology.

In his video presentations, he claims that there are scammers all over the place that are using his name to defraud people of their money.

He went on to let his viewers know that…

1. He does not have an Opay account

2. He does not have a Palmpay account and 

3. He does not have an account with any of the other online banks.

The only account he has, according to him, is his UBA account.

But, if you have watched his video, we also know that he used a one-day account (Selar as beneficiary) with Sterling Bank earlier in 2023.

umoru's bank account


Agreed that he does not have an Opay account or Palmpay account or an account with any of the other online banks…

What about those who claimed that they made payments into his UBA account?

ibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scam

You can see that the instructions on how to proceed after making payments is very clear.

ibrahim umoru scam ibrahim umoru scam

What to do after making payment is very clear:

“send proof of payment to the admin of the WhatsApp group you are into. (Send as a private message) to get your payment confirmed and be given access”

But read the experiences of some of those who made payment and tried to send their proof of payment to the Admin of the group they belonged on WhatsApp:

First on the list is a young woman who goes by the name Boma Balafama, #N.

On February 1st, 2023, she wrote a comment under Ibrahim Umoru’s post on Twitter: “Good evening sir. Finally I have paid for the email copywriting course. Please confirm the payments thank you.”

To which, Umoru replied: “Okay. Hope you sent it to the admin of your WhatsApp group”

Boma Balafama, #N responded: “Yes I have (Mr Steven) and he said it hasn’t been confirmed. I sent it to your account yesternight, please confirm it. Thank you.”

Now, what was Umoru’s response to that?

Did he say: “Okay. Don’t worry dear. I will get it confirmed and inform Mr. Steven about it”?


He simply kept mute about the whole thing!

Boma patiently waited for 3 whole days without hearing from either Umoru or his so-called “WhatsApp group Admin”, Mr Steven. Thereafter, she decided to reach out to Umoru again.

On February 4th, 2023, she wrote a rejoinder under Umoru’s post: “Good morning sir. It has been 3 days (JUST IMAGINE THAT – 3 WHOLE DAYS!) since I paid for the email copywriting course and I haven’t been given access. Please what is happening?”

Now, how did Umoru respond to that anxious concern by one of his customers / would-be student?

Did he apologize for the delay and allay the fears of the person while promising to attend to it expeditiously?

Once again, NO!

He simply behaved like so many of the wayward leaders that we have in the country today.

Umoru replied non-challantly: “Seems like you didn’t follow instructions. Send me a DM”

And that effectively killed the matter.

To be completely honest with you, I do not know what transpired after that time between Umoru and Boma.

It may be that Umoru finally granted her access to his Inbox Marketing Academy program (which is very unlikely) after she sent him a DM. Or, it may be that he continued to ignore her and, even worse, BLOCKED her. I will never know.

how to identify a scammer    how to identify a scammer   how to identify a scammer

Though I am not certain whether Boma was later given access to the program, it is obvious that Umoru failed to deliver his own end of the bargain.

But, Boma’s case is not isolated one. See the complaints of Umoru’s other customers below.

Yarmadan Galadima complained: “Your wassup is not reachable hope is not going to be what i’m thinking. Why is it that the page to send proof of payment is not opening on wassup

Okpokpo Philip complained: “How we reach you, because you don’t respond to WhatsApp messages

And Ijuo Ube also complained: “I have paid I can’t send the receipt to you how can you help me

ibrahim umoru scamibrahim umoru scamibrahim umoru scam

Now, let me ask this question:

Who is supposed to confirm the payment of people who are interested in getting access into the program?

Is it the so-called Admins of the various WhatsApp groups he created for the program or Umoru himself, the owner of the account that people paid into and, therefore, have direct access to the account?

Why ask someone else to be in charge of confirming payments when you are the owner of the account and have direct access to it?

How will the Admins of the various WhatsApp groups know those who made payments and those who have not when they do not receive alerts of payments on their phones?

If Umoru wanted to reduce the work load of confirming payments by people (which I agree can be tedious and time-consuming if they number into thousands), why not have a comprehensive list of people as they make payments and share such list with the Admins of the WhatsApp groups?

You see, no matter how voluminous a job might be, it can be done seamlessly and easily if you have plenty of people helping out – as Umoru obviously want us to believe.

There is no doubt that there is something fishy going on and Ibrahim Umoru has something to hide.

And despite the fact that those complaints were made on his Facebook and Twitter pages as well as YouTube channel, Ibrahim Umoru’s response to the complaints was…


That aside, Umoru went on to make a public announcement on Facebook to warn people against being scammed of their money. Hear him: 

“Public Announcement!!!

It has gotten to my notice that people are impersonating me – using my name to scam.

They go as far as opening a bank account (Palmpay and opay) in my name which makes it harder to detect.

Do NOT send money to any palmpay account or opay – I don’t have any.

If you come across any pls report aggressively!!

I have applied for the verification badge on my social account and hope to get it asap to mitigate this.

Cheers 🥂”

See the image below.

ibrahim umoru scam     ibrahim umoru scam

That was in October 2023.

Did you also notice his response when Sotikare Abimbola accused him of being a scammer? I circled it in red in the image above. But I have written it out below.  

“You are a bloody scam you use UBA, pay me my money Mr scammee”

Or, is Umoru saying that he is not the owner of the UBA account which people like Sotikare Abimbola paid money into?

His response again?

He did not say “YES, the UBA account is mine.” Neither did he say “NO, the UBA account you paid into does not belong to me.”

Abimbola’s accusation was met with…


And you remember what they say about silence, don’t you?

Silence means consent or agreement.

In his post above, Umoru says that it has come to his knowledge that scammers are impersonating him with Palmpay and Opay accounts to defraud people of their money.

But what about people who claim that they paid money into his UBA account? Why did he not address the issue in any of his posts?

Now, tell me…

Which scammer will use all Ibrahim Umoru’s videos and images like the original owner, but you will never see one single video or image which has a dim semblance of genuineness or authenticity attached to it?

And, like Aisha Aliyu Onimisi said earlier that she hasn’t seen “anybody that become successful through him”.. 

Personally, I have not seen any social proof validating the authenticity or genuineness of Ibrahim Umoru outside his video presentations.

It is also noteworthy that I did not see a single video presentation anywhere on the internet where people were instructed to make payment into an Opay, Palmpay or Moniepoint account bearing Ibrahim Umoru’s name – as proof that scammers were actually impersonating him online.

All the video presentations I saw instructed people to make payment into Ibrahim Umoru’s UBA account.

And after making payment into the UBA account or the account with Sterling Bank, they were denied access into his so-called Academy.

This can mean only ONE THING.

Ibrahim Umoru was fully aware of the scam and they must have taken place with his full consent.

Plain and simple..

That aside, on another occasion, he brought out an image of his profile on Freelancer and labelled it scam on Facebook. 

Now, just imagine Umoru labelling his Freelancer account a scam when he has so many Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

Why did he not bring out any of them and label it “scam”?

So, it is just a Freelancer account that his so-called “impersonator” is using to impersonate him?

Or, is he not aware of them?

Ha ha ha!

What a clever crook Ibrahim Umoru must think that he is!

Honestly, the fact of the matter is that he is just too lazy.

Otherwise, there are so many ways that you can satisfy your customers and give them what they want without making it blatantly obvious that you have duped them of their money.

So, he is not even a smart scammer after all. 

But, then, he should know that these strategies can only work for a short time.

This is because all his dubious antics will eventually backfire and fall down flat like a pack of stacked up cards in the long run.

And, like Bob Marley sang in one of the lines of his famous song “Get Up, Stand Up”…

“You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

Therefore, when everybody become aware that Ibrahim Umoru is “a thief and a big scammer”…

Whatever is left of his image, name and reputation would have been completely rubbished and smeared with mud.

In the meantime…

You cannot win when you are dealing with scammers like Ibrahim Umoru.

So, the best way to fight against people like that is to avoid losing money to them and spread the word to other people so that they too can also avoid him.

Now, to show you just how unrepentant and blatant Umoru is in his fraudulent ways, see his advice to the victims of his cheap scam on his Facebook wall on November 9, 2023: “just accept your losses and move on”.

umoru ibrahim accept your losses and move on

He even calls it betting! Ha ha ha!!!

On the other hand, if you are yet to make payment for the Inbox Marketing Academy course of Ibrahim Umoru…

Then, accept my whole-hearted congratulations!!!

You have just saved yourself a lorry load of grief, tears and pains by coming here first to check out this post.

But, I really need to warn you.

This is an indepth and thorough post which will take you a minimum of one hour to digest completely…

So, feel free to get your preferred brand of beverage and be comfortably seated on your favorite chair in your sitting room as you read this.

But, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the time you are through reading it.

However, just ensure that you read it to the very end so that you will be able to understand this enigmatic character known as Ibrahim Umoru completely.

Thereafter, you can then decide if you still want to go ahead and make payment for his email copywriting course or not.


Alright, here we go.

How I Got to Know About Ibrahim Umoru

Here is how it all started.

It was a few days to Christmas of 2023 and I was scrolling through the news feed of my Facebook home page.

I was aimlessly moving from one post to another when I suddenly came across this advert. See the image below.


The advert was targeted primarily at women, especially stay-at-home moms.

I stopped scrolling for a moment to watch the video.

The lines of the advert began as follows…

“What can I do as a mom to earn extra income from home so that I can support my husband and family?

If this is something you think about all the time, listen to what I am about to say…”

After that introduction, the female presenter in the advert went on to recommend email copywriting as that ONE single skill and solution that her audience needed to overcome all their financial challenges.

Then she went on to paint a beautiful picture in the minds of her audience…

A picture of love, respect and profound admiration from her audience’s husband and other family members because they are now enabled to support their husbands financially.

loving husband wife family

At the end, the viewers were invited to sign up for a free webinar taking place that weekend.

Now, tell me.

Which woman would come across such an advert and would not be moved to check out the site?

Believe me, over 95% of women would fall for this advert.

The experience is similar to that which happened to a friend of mine a few days into the New Year with Untouchable Comedies scam.

I will refer to this friend as Mr. Johnson and his wife as Mary.

But that is a story for another day.

Now, back to the advert of Ibrahim Umoru…

Frankly, it was the first time I was coming across the hypnotic advert and I was curious to see where it would lead.

I stopped what I was doing and decided to spend some time to investigate this fascinating business.

So, I tapped on LEARN MORE below the video.

It instantly took me to a website – radicaladsway.live – where I came across a young man who referred to himself as Ibrahim Umoru.

I went through the information he posted on the site and decided to put him to the test.

So, I tapped on SECURE YOUR SPOT HERE at the bottom of the page.

As I did that, I was directed to the WhatsApp group.

I joined the WhatsApp group and had the most nerving experience ever.

Apart from the Admin, I could not see any other soul in the group.

It was just the Admin and myself. See the image below.  

As you can see from the image above, I also noticed that there was no human image of any of the Admins on the WhatsApp profiles.

It was just images of objects or of words.

After I joined the group where you cannot see other participants, I began receiving messages from the person who referred to himself as the Digital Admin on the announcement Group.

See some of the images below.



After the initial messages informing participants of the forthcoming webinar, participants are then directed to join the webinar on the due date.


With the so-called “live webinar” concluded, participants are sent another message to go watch the recorded version of the webinar.


However, it is pertinent to mention here that the modus operandi of Ibrahim Umoru has changed slightly since that time.

Although he still uses surrogate presenters in some of his adverts, he has also began presenting his videos himself too.

This time, the adverts lead to a different website known as salesguru.online.

Aside from salesguru.online, there is also jadesulaiman.com, marcininfectionflusher.xyz and several others.

This time he refers to himself as Pst Jade.

Though he still uses the announcement feature on some WhatsApp groups, he also keeps the chats perpetually locked.

Additionally, he has also began using the disappearing messages feature on some of his WhatsApp groups too.

whatsapp disappearing messages

Your guess is as good as mine as to the reason for this.

Though I cannot tell if he was advised against this or not, but I discovered that he has since dropped the announcement feature and decided to open up the groups in his newer campaigns.

In his latest video presentation which he streamed on YouTube in January 2024, Umoru mentioned the name Jade as one of the Admins of his WhatsApp Groups to make it look as if Jade is a different person from himself.

Pst Jade?

Ok, kontinu.

Now, let’s go deeper into this discussion.

Ibrahim Umoru – My Interactions with the Primary Admin

After a while, I decided to chat up the primary Admin.

One thing which stood out from our interactions is that the organizer of the so-called webinar does not want to be known.

According to him, he is “one of Mr Umoru’s assistant”.

Then I asked him: “So, I cannot get in touch with Umoru directly?”

He replied: “No Mr Umoru is a busy man Only his students have access to him”

Then I asked why Umoru’s course was not listed on Expertnaire.

He did not reply for more than a day until I asked him how the Yahoo business was going.

It was then he replied, asking me sarcastically: “Are all the courses listed on Expertnaire”

At this point, he knew I was already on to him.

So, he said: “You must be very ignorant for this. Stick to your ignorance. A simple Google search would help you but you choose to do otherwise.”


Then he blocked me!

Ha ha ha!

Can you imagine?

The idiot blocked me!

See images of our interactions below.

online job scam online money scam

Now, here is a question that merits consideration: 

Why would the so-called “Ibrahim Umoru’s assistant” block me if there was any iota of legitimacy to his Inbox Marketing Academy email Copywriting course?

I only asked why the course was not listed on Expertnaire, then went on to accuse him of being a Yahoo person, and the next thing I knew, boom! he blocked me.

For him to block me for no reason at all is enough indication that he is in the business of scamming people.

And I do not need to lose money to him to believe that he is not legit.

By the way, the bank account he told people to pay into was the same UBA account which has been linked to other Facebook adverts in this campaign.

So, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the UBA account no. 2222121442 belonging to Ibrahim Umoru is the principal medium through which he uses to  collect people’s money in the guise of enrolling them into an email copywriting Academy.

But, that is not all.

Here are other shocking things which I discovered about Ibrahim Umoru below.

Ibrahim Umoru Arrested by the EFCC in January 2020

I decided to take the advice of “Ibrahim Umoru’s assistant” and I went on over to Google and typed in the search box:

who is ibrahim umoru

And Google, the indefatigable hardworking obedient servant, instantly displayed so many free info on the guy.

Next I carefully scanned through all of them, one by one.

First on the list was his profile on Quora, followed by his LinkedIn profile, Upwork profile and so on.

He even has a Facebook and Instagram page.

I also saw his account on Selar.

But, then, I saw something else. See it below:

I saw an EFCC report on Twitter (X) dated January 13, 2020, which announced as follows:

“EFCC Arrests Eight Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Ibadan”


Tribune online newspapers also reported the matter on that same day.

Please compare Ibrahim Umoru’s image below and decide for yourself if there is any resemblance with any of the suspects in the second image on the right.

Ibrahim Umoru’s Video Presentation

I took the time to watch Ibrahim Umoru’s YouTube video presentation of almost 2 hours which he streamed on YouTube in December 2023.

In the video presentation, he spent the first 15 to 20 minutes telling his story of how he went from being a youth corps member on a salary of N19,800 to earning $1,000 to $3,000 every single month with email copywriting.

He also went on to narrate how he now travels at will on exotic trips to foreign lands.

Thereafter, he went on to give a lot of testimonials of his students in an attempt to validate his authenticity.

As a matter of fact, he dwelt more on trying to authenticate his professional capacity more than trying to educate people about email copywriting.

The funny thing is that outside his video presentation and his WhatsApp groups, you cannot find one single testimonial as social proof to validate Ibrahim Umoru’s legitimacy.

And as someone who claims that he is an email copywriting expert, you cannot find any single post relating to the email copywriting business either on his social media accounts or on his Upwork account or LinkedIn account.

I also find it incredible that he is still doing the shady business till the time of putting up this post.

And, by my last count, he has created over 10 WhatsApp groups  since that time – at the rate of 2 WhatsApp groups per week. 

And none of his WhatsApp groups which he scheduled for Wednesdays and Sundays every week has less than 700 participants in attendance. See two of these groups below.


“$1k Email Webinar A” group has 1001 members while “Email Copywriting Training 21st Jan” has 882 members.


At that rate, he has a total monthly audience of over 6,000 participants.

Now imagine that he is able to get just 3% of that number to pay N29,000 for his email copywriting course. 

That is an insane amount of over 5 million naira every month.

Honestly, there is no doubt that Ibrahim Umoru is cashing out big time from his email copywriting business.

Ibrahim Umoru’s Scams – Who Really is Behind Them?

Ibrahim Umoru has denied both on his YouTube and Facebook pages that he is a scammer.

But, if he is not responsible for all these scams, then who is the real culprit behind them?

Well, from the little I know of criminal investigations by the police…

They usually look for the motive of every crime in order to find the criminal.

In the case of Ibrahim Umoru’s scams, the motive is money. 

So, the next question to find an answer to is: “who is the sole beneficiary in all these scams?”

Well, take a look at the many Facebook pages that are being used to run the adverts on Facebook and Instagram as well as the sole beneficiary of those adverts.

1. High Income Academy (created on April 9, 2022) leads to khingmarshall.com (registered on 2022-05-24)


2. Emmanuel’s Hub (created on August 9, 2023) leads to marcininfectionflusher.xyz (registered on 2022-12-10)


3. Email Copywriting Coach (created on June 16, 2023) leads to salesguru.online (registered on 2023-05-09)


4. Money Mag (created on October 18, 2023) leads to radicaladsway.live (registered on 2023-11-04)


5. Best Store (created on August 24, 2020) leads to emailbiz.site (registered: 2022-10-06)


6. Tech Savvy (created on December 3, 2023) leads to emailbiz.site (registered on 2022-10-06) 


Those are just some of his numerous Facebook pages and websites which Ibrahim Umoru uses for his email copywriting course.

They all have one humongous objective which they were created to achieve.

And that is to channel the course fees paid by different people down to one source – Ibrahim Umoru’s UBA account!

Not to an Opay account.

Not to a Palmpay account.

Not to a Moniepoint account.

Not to any other online bank account, for that matter.

They all end up in his UBA account!

You do not believe it?

Alright, see it for yourself below.

Ibrahim Umoru’s WhatsApp Groups

1. Email Dollars Mastery 22- Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

2. $1k Email Webinar A – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

3. Email Copywriting Training 21st Jan – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

4. Email Copywriting Jan 21stB- Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

5. 1k Email Copywriting Webinar (created by Pst. Jade) has disappearing messages – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

6. #8 Email Dollar Copywriting Webinar (Date: Wednesday, 10th January) – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

7. #6 Email Dollar Copywriting Webinar (Date: Sunday 7th January)- Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

8. #2 Email Dollar Copywriting Webinar (Date: Wednesday) – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

9. Email Copywriting D9 – Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)

10. A1 Email Dollar Copywriting Webinar (Date: Sunday, 14th January)– Beneficiary: Ibrahim Umoru (UBA – 2222121442)


Is Ibrahim Umoru Legit Or Scam?

As much as I would love to say that Ibrahim Umoru, self-acclaimed super successful email copywriting guru, is legit…

The mountain of evidence at our disposal speaks otherwise.

Take a look at the summary of my findings below.

1) There are so many scam complaints against Ibrahim Umoru on Facebook of defrauding people using his UBA account which he has failed to address.

2) Contrary to Umoru’s claim that people are impersonating him while using Opay, Palmpay and Moniepoint accounts to defraud people, all the instructions to make payment were to the UBA account in his own name. 

3) He has so many Facebook pages all advertising the same email copywriting course.

4) He has so many websites as landing pages to his Facebook pages, some of which were created in 2022 and quite recently in 2023.

5) He is not using his main Facebook page to run adverts, implying that he wishes to separate himself from those adverts.

6) He uses crafty and evasive methods in his WhatsGroup Groups, like disappearing messages feature, closing the groups and preventing other participants from seeing those in the groups, and so on.

7) Virtually all the Admins of his WhatsApp groups have titles rather than human names. Some address themselves as Life Mastery Hub, Bloompathconsulting, Holo Go, Digital Admin and so on. Only two of them have human names – Pst Jade and Steven Adinoyi.

8) When I tried to chat him up on WhatsApp, he BLOCKED me. Who does that to a prospective customer or client, unless a rogue or scammer?

9) One of Ibrahim Umoru’s so-called “assistants” agree that Umoru is unreachable to people who are not his students.

10) Most importantly, I did not see any social proof outside his video presentations validating his genuineness and authenticity.

So, our conclusion?

Based on the evidence before us, Ibrahim Umoru is not legit. Therefore, we cannot encourage you to do business with him. But, if you decide to conduct business with him, you do so at your own risk.

Ibrahim Umoru’s Scam – All Hope is Not Lost

It is sad and disheartening to have experienced unexpected loss at the hands of unscrupulous scammers on the internet.

And if you are one of those who have been expecting to turn your fortunes around with Ibrahim Umoru’s email copywriting course…

I can understand how disappointed and devastated you must be feeling right now seeing that things have turned out differently.

Naturally, you must have been dreaming how much your life would become so much easier with just 500 dollars coming in every month.

After all, with 500 dollars entering your account this time next month…

and another 500 dollars the month after that, and another 500 dollars the month after that, and another 500 dollars the month after that, indefinitely…

Your life would certainly experience a remarkable transformation indeed.

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