Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer In 7 Quick & Easy Steps

How To Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer In 7 Quick & Easy Steps

Lately, you may be asking yourself: “why does my MTN data finish quickly?”

Or, if you use Glo, Airtel or even 9mobike network, you may equally asking yourself any of the following questions:

Why my data doesn’t last long?

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Why is my data being used so quickly?

How can I stop my data from finishing fast?

If that is why you are here, you have come to the right place.

On this page, you will find the reasons why your mobile data gets exhausted very fast.

But, more importantly, you will also discover the solution to your fast disappearing data and you will be happy again.

My Data Doesn’t Last

In the first place, let me reassure you that you are not the only one that is affected by this matter of fast running out data.

Be it Glo, Airtel or MTN, the general complaint is: “My data doesn’t last!”

For instance, Gideon, a mobile data reseller, recently received a WhatsApp message from one of his customers by name John.

In the message, John complained bitterly about the 4gb Glo Data he bought from Gideon for 1,600 naira.

Below is their conversation below.

John wrote to Gideon: “Bros! Na so the data dey quick finish? I have  less than 100 remaining in just how many days???  🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️”

Gideon replied: “I nor understand o. Na de same Glo I dey use o. And na 2gb I put since last week Friday. See de balance wen remain.”

my mtn data doesn't last

John replied: “Well I don’t understand how 4GB go finish in less than a week. Anyway, I don do normal recharge.”

Did you see that part: I don do normal recharge?

In his mind, he was thinking that it was because of this particular data plan he bought from Gideon that made it to run out quickly.

However, little did he know that irrespective of the data plan bought by any user, the consumption was subject to usage.

Here is another exchange with another one of Gideon’s clients who purchased an airtel data plan from him.

The customer, James, wrote: “Morning bro See this data u sell bro, it doesn’t last at all Don’t really do much And it’s almost done”

Gideon replied: “It doesn’t last??? That is what I use o.”

Then he asked: “Do you use it on laptop or mobile?”

James replied: “Mobile Which I do off the data”

Like most people, James thought that by switching off his data every now and then, it would prevent his data from finishing fast.

And that is exactly what most people do too.

Perhaps you have been doing the same in a vain attempt to prevent your data from not running out fast.

But, take note that while this is a good measure, switching off your data does not reduce the consumption from your data bundles.

What you only succeed in doing is stop the rate of data consumption for as long as it is switched off.

However, the rate of consumption will resume once you switch your data back on.

Gideon repeated the same thing he told John: “But it is what I am using right now.”

James replied: “Ok” and went on to complain: “The one I bought from u 2days ago is almost done”

Quite sad indeed.

Honestly, it can be really frustrating when you spend a thousand naira or even more to buy mobile data for the purpose of browsing the internet…

Only for the data to be exhausted within a few hours or at most a few days of using it.

Personally, I used to have that same problem too.

First it started with Airtel. I subscribed N1,000 and got 1.5gb.

But, you won’t believe that the 1.5gb was gone within 2 days.

I subscribed again to the same data plan.

Within 2 days it was gone again. This time, I almost screamed at the top of my voice “Haba! What is this now?”

That was N2k gone within 4 days.

I thought maybe it was the Airtel network that I was using.

So, I switched to MTN. But, surprisingly, MTN was worse.

The 3gb data which I bought for N1,500 did not last more than 2 days.

It was then I became really scared and I literally panicked.

I thought my enemies had finally done their worse and I even complained to my wife: “My enemies are at work again. Do you know that they have started attacking my data!”


Quite funny and hilarious.

But, it was that bad.

Then I thought to myself that there is no problem without a solution.

That was when I began searching avidly for a solution to the problem.

And, to God be the glory I eventually found the ultimate solution to the problem.

Before I share the solution with you…

Let me inform you that it does not matter whether you buy the expensive “normal” data plan or other data plans being sold by data resellers online or offline…

You will continue to have this same problem of rapidly exhausting data if you do not adopt the strategies discussed below.

How To Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer

Now, here is how to make your data to last longer or stop your data from running out fast in 7 quick and easy steps.

Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer – Step One: Enable Data Saver Mode (On Most Android Phones)

Every smartphone has the Data Saver Mode feature. Two ways your phone benefits from Data Saver are as follows:

1. Data saver limits how much data your installed apps can use in the background.

When it is turned on, Data Saver prevents some video streaming and instant messaging apps which consume abnormal data in the background from connecting to the internet in the background.

Additionally, you also succeed in preventing unnecessary ads from popping up while using your phone which equally guzzle up data too.

2. An active Data Saver mode also improves your Android phone’s battery life.

There are two ways to turn on the Data Saver Mode – either from the Settings area or from the Quick Toggles Menu.

To turn data saver on from Settings, adopt the following procedure:

a) Open Settings on your Android phone.

b) Select Network and internet.

c) Tap Data Saver.

d) Enable the Use Data Saver toggle.

NOTE: You should give unrestricted data access to essential apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Slack, and other work apps so that you never miss a single important alert from such apps.

To turn on Data Saver through the Quick Toggles Menu, use the following procedure.

a) Swipe down from the home screen to open the notification center.

b ) Swipe down again to expand the quick toggles menu.

c) Tap the small pencil icon in the upper right corner.

d) Find the Data Saver toggle. Hold and drag to add the Data Saver tile to the top.

why is my data not lasting

Tap the back button, and your Android phone’s Data Saver mode is now a single swipe away.

Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer – Step Two: Restrict Background Data Use

Switching on the Data Saver Mode will no doubt reduce greatly the amount of data that your phone consumes periodically.

But, it may still not prevent the unauthorized use of your data by applications in the background.

This is because applications on your Android phone run secretly even when they are not in use.

Some of these applications make use of data to find messages, ads, notifications, find, install, and update apps.

Hence, this consumes a huge chunk of your precious data without your knowledge or permission.

Consequently, to prevent the unauthorized use of your data in the background by these applications, you will need to switch off the applications from operating in the background.

This might mean you won’t be notified of some messages or notifications, which is perfectly okay because they are not important in the first place.

To access the apps area on iOS phones:

a) Tap on “settings”

b) Tap on “general”

c) Search for “Background App Refresh”

d) Then click on “off”

To access the apps area on Android smartphones:

a) Open “Settings”

b) Tap on “Notification Center”

c) When “Notification Center” opens, start tapping on each individual apps to switch off notifications regarding that particular app

Make Mobile Data Last Longer – Step Three: Set data limit

Another feature that you can use to minimize your data consumption is to set a data limit.

Setting data limit restricts your smartphone from unduly consuming excessive data.

That way, it will stop once your phone reaches your limit.

To set a data limit, follow the procedures below:

a) Open “Settings”

b) Tap on “data connection” or “mobile network”

c) Tap on Data usage

d) Set a monthly billing cycle that suits you

Then tap on the toggle to activate it.

Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer – Step Four: Minimize Your Use of Social Media

Interaction on Social Media such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Instagram consumes a lot of data because of videos and constant notifications by the apps.

Switching off notifications from these data exhausting apps in your settings area is only one way to minimize your data usage on Social Media.

Adopting strict discipline in terms of the number of hours you spend on social media and even YouTube is one of the best ways to avoid exhausting your data quickly.

Make Your Mobile Data Last Longer – Step Five: Configure Facebook, Twitter, Others To Use Less Data

Another crucial factor which makes your data not to last is heavy data consuming social media features like video Autoplay.

Therefore, you will need to adjust your social media settings to reduce the amount of data they consume.

1. On Facebook

You will need to do two things. One switch off video Autoplay. The second one is to activate “Data Saver” by reducing video quality during playback.

a) To Turn off Facebook Autoplay, do this…

Tap on the three horizontal bars under the Message tool at the top right corner of the Facebook home page.

Next, tap on Settings & Privacy

Under Preferences, tap on Media (this will open the photos and videos options page)

Under Autoplay, uncheck “On mobile data and Wi-Fi”.

b) To activate “Data Saver” by reducing the quality of video during playback, check “use up to 40% less data by reducing video quality”.

You may also switch off other features like “sounds in the app” or enable “Reduce 3D photo motion”.

2. On Instagram

Open Instagram options

Go to Settings

Select Cellular Data Use

Then tick Use Less Data.

3. On Twitter

– Deactivate Auto Play:

Go to your Twitter Profile icon.

Click on Settings and Privacy

Select Data Usage

Set Video Autoplay to Never

4. On YouTube

Open the YouTube App

Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner

Select Settings

Then Tap on Data Saving Mode to Switch on Data Saver.

This switches on all the settings under Data Saver.

Step Six: Turn Off Automatic Media Download on WhatsApp

The default download mode for WhatsApp on most phones is automatic media download.

The negative side of this is that it consumes a lot of data.

To save your data, you can restrict unnecessary downloads from WhatsApp groups or even personal messages.

You get to download it yourself when necessary.

To deactivate auto download, follow the procedures below:

a) Go to WhatsApp Home Page

b) Tap on the 3 dots at the top of the screen

c) Tap on “Settings”

d) Tap on “Storage and Data”

e) Tap on “media auto-download” (when using mobile data)

Then make sure everything is blank.

See images below.

buy cheap mobile data

cheap mtn data plans

my data does not last

You can also enable low data usage for WhatsApp Calls.

Step Seven: Switch to a Different Mobile Network

If after applying the six steps above, you find that you are still spending too much on mobile data, I suggest that you switch to another network for your mobile data.

If you have been having the problem of vanishing data on Glo, switch to MTN. If it is MTN that is the problem, switch to Glo or 9mobile.

From experience, I have discovered that Airtel mobile data vanishes very fast – especially when using it with my laptop through hotspot.

See the images below to see my data usage on hotspot and other apps over the last 3 months to understand how strict and stringent I have been with my data usage lately.

Additionally, you also saw how an Airtel mobile data user complained bitterly that Airtel data does not last even when he does not do much with it.

Similarly, you saw how a Glo mobile data user who uses the data he bought on his tab complain of vanishing data on his line.

Therefore, you also want to limit your use of mobile data on your laptop or tablet devices.

Buy Cheap Data Plans Online In Nigeria

 In this post, we have considered several reasons why your data is not lasting.

We have also discussed extensively 7 quick and easy steps to make your mobile data last longer and not go out fast.

However, would it not be also great to be able to buy Airtel, Glo, MTN and 9mobile data bundles at very cheap and affordable prices in Nigeria?

Most certainly it will!

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