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Attention: POS Operators, Students, Salary Earners, Stay-At-Home Moms, Wives, Ladies, Regular Business People and Others Looking for a Simple, Stress-Free Way of Earning An Extra Income From A Solid Side Hustle In Nigeria

 Here Is How To Start A Wildly Profitable Mobile Data Reselling Business Without Renting A Shop, Stocking A Warehouse And With Very Little Capital From Your Home In Nigeria - The Complete Step By Step PDF Guide!!!

by Motunrayo Omonoteje

Former Bank Staff

Do you live in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt or any other major city in Nigeria?

Are you a salary earner or business person who is looking for an evergreen business that anyone can do with flexible working hours and without any stress?

Or, are you a stay-at-home mom, wife or lady who needs to earn an income to support your family?

If you answered "YES" to at least 2 of the 3 questions above, TODAY is your lucky day!

Here is the perfect business opportunity which anyone can do in Nigeria - be you a man or woman, boy or girl, student, stay-at-home mom, wife or lady.

Which business is that?

It is..

The Mobile Data Reselling Business!

With this powerful business opportunity...

  • Every day is pay day as you are guaranteed of getting paid every single day of the year.
  •  It is evergreen and NOT seasonal, and it is a business that you can do from January to December every single day of the year.
  • check
     You do NOT need to own a website or learn complex html coding like JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and so on.
  • check
    It does NOT require that you have an email list.
  • check
    This business has residual value and it is scalable. In other words, thousands of resellers can sign up with you and use your platform while you do other things. You thereby make money while you sleep and wake up laughing to the bank daily!
  • check
    You do NOT need a generator to start this business.
  • check
     You do NOT need to rent a physical store or hire paid employees.
  • It has nothing to do with ecommerce or importation of products. As such, you do NOT need a warehouse for keeping inventory of products.
  • check
    It does NOT require you to sell digital products or services.
  • check
    You can do this business from anywhere in the world - even from the comfort of your bedroom or toilet.
  • check
    The running  cost of this business is next to NOTHING.
  • check
    You can do this business with just your Smartphone TODAY and begin to see results immediately.
  • check
    Better still, you can start this business TODAY with just 10k or even less and begin to make money within a FEW MINUTES time.

As a matter of fact, the most amazing thing about the mobile data reselling business is that...

It will give you 3 naira back... 

Every time you put in 2 naira - like magic!

Yet, it is not money-doubling.

And it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

But, even though it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme...

This business is capable of making you a millionaire before Christmas...

And literally lift you out of poverty forever...

Yet, it is a business that many Nigerians do not know about.

You may find it difficult to believe. But I have it on good authority that Nigerians who are engaged in this business are not up to 100,000.

That is very low in a country of over 200 million people.

If you think I am exaggerating, just move round your environment and take count of POS operators who sell mobile data.

They are not up to 5%.

And it is not just your environment alone. It is everywhere in the country.

That is why the returns from this business is very huge.

For the most part, it is lack of knowledge and in some cases outright ignorance that is hindering many people from going into the business.

To recap all that I have said so far...

The Data Reselling Business is a powerful business opportunity which YOU can use to make money super fast very quickly from your home in Nigeria WITHOUT having to own a website, import physical goods or sell digital products. Best part is: running cost is ALMOST ZERO and you can get started within the NEXT 5mins max!!!

Believe me. This is SO SIMPLE that it is like owning your own Money Minting Machine with a License to PRINT CASH ON DEMAND, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

How To Start A Mobile Data Reselling Business In Nigeria 

buy and resell mobile data business pdf guide

I Know the next thing on your mind right now is: how exactly do you start a mobile data reselling business in Nigeria?

In the first place, there are two classes of mobile data reselling.

These two classes are as follows:

1. Wholesale Mobile Data Reselling, and

2.  Retail Mobile Data Reselling

What is wholesale mobile data reselling?

Simply defined, wholesale mobile data reselling means buying internet data bundles in bulk at highly discounted rates from telecom companies like MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9mobile and so on and reselling them in smaller quantities to end-users through data vending platforms.

However, wholesale mobile data reselling is a highly capital-intensive business and it is not everyone who can afford to go into the business.

That is why wholesale data vendors decided to provide an opportunity for anyone who is interested in partnering with them to resell their data at smaller quantities to end-users.

This is known as retail mobile data reselling.

Unlike the wholesale data vendor who requires millions of naira to purchase data and airtime in bulk, becoming a retail mobile data reseller requires very little capital.

As a matter of fact, I started my data reselling business with less than 10k and made over 300k in just one month of starting the business. 

Here is how it works below. 

Step One: Sign Up with a Wholesale Mobile Data Vendor

Step Two: Fund Your Account

Step Three: Promote Your Data Reselling Business online and offline

Step Four: Collect Payment from Interested Customers

Step Five: Make Payment on Behalf of Your Customers for their Desired Transaction

Step Six: Carry Out the Desired Transaction on Their Behalf - That is, data, airtime and other transactions Like Cable TV Payments, Electricity Bill Payments, Generation of Educational PINs and so on

Step Seven: Rinse and Repeat the Process all over

Benefits of the mobile data reselling business are numerous and some of them are as follows:

  • You are able to buy mobile data at highly discounted rates.
  • The data reselling business provides ready-made employment opportunity for young school leavers who need to raise money to further their education, stay-at-home moms who need to earn income to support their families, as well as salary earners and business people looking for additional income streams to augment their salaries or business income.
  • The business does not require any technical expertise. So, anyone can start the business and begin making money immediately. 
  • Hand Pointing Right
    The data reselling business can be done by everyone in the family - mother, father, children - thereby increasing the aggregate income by the family.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    You can earn multiple revenues from the data reselling business - first through buying and reselling mobile data, owning a VTU platform for use by other resellers, and teaching other people how to start a mobile data reselling business from their homes.

This is great news indeed for small business owners like POS operators who are worried sick that their business is no longer thriving as before and looking for how to turn their fortunes around.

Now, they can heave a huge sigh of relief as they have the wonderful opportunity of being able to breathe again.

but cheap data online in nigeria

Salary earners, business people and others can also leverage on this awesome opportunity to earn an extra income on the side and considerably improve the standard of living of their families.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself right:

"Are You Sure? Can I Really Make Money  From This Mobile Data Reselling Business?"

If that is what you are thinking, then take a look at the image below.

how to buy and resell data in nigeria

That is an image of a statement credited to the Nigeria Communications Commission saying that "Nigerians spent N3.33tn on calls and data in 2022", as reported by Punch Online Newspaper of 10th August, 2023.

That is HUGE.

But, if that does not convince you, let me also inform you that I have made over 300k from this business in less than one month of getting started.

You may also be thinking to yourself:

"If I can make N200k per month from this Mobile Data Reselling business, I will be very happy!"

If that is the case, let me assure you that it is very possible.

For instance, you can buy MTN 1GB data for as low as ₦230 and sell it for ₦350.

And you can also purchase MTN 3gb data for as low as ₦689 and sell it for ₦900

You thereby pocket ₦211 from the transaction.


You only need to get just 50 people to purchase 3gb data from you daily...

To make ₦211 X 50 = ₦10,550

From data reselling every single day.

Now multiply that by 30 and you will arrive at

316,500 naira

As your income from data reselling business alone.

Now, just imagine earning N300k from data reselling every month..

That is HUGE!

to make money online in nigeroa

Frankly speaking, many level 17 officers in the government civil service do not earn that kind of money in Nigeria today!

Now, who says you cannot be a millionaire THIS YEAR?

Tell them they are DEAD WRONG!

But, let us even assume that - bad as e bad - you are able to make only 5k daily...

You will succeed in making N150k in a month which is still very high coming from data reselling business alone.

That is why the data reselling business is a great additional income stream if you already operate a POS business in Nigeria.

Therefore, if you have been looking for an evergreen business that you can do with flexible working hours from the comfort of your home without any stress...

Then you should by all means start a data reselling business TODAY!

And I know the next thing you will say is...

"But, I don't know anything about internet marketing?" 

And who says you have to know anything about internet marketing?

Like I told you earlier, this is by far the simplest stress-free way to earn passive income and make money online.

And that is exactly what it is.

If you follow my step by step "Daily Income Blueprint" strategy, you will never need to do anything remotely connected to internet marketing - ever.

Yet, you will be making hundreds of thousands of naira every month from data reselling on various data reselling platforms.

And no one will ever ask you for your WAEC or Secondary school result - ever!

He he he...

Just imaging!

No email marketing…

No hiring of ghostwriters…

No hiring of graphic designers…

And no spending money to learn complex html coding like JavaScript and others which make the life of the ordinary person a living nightmare.

As a matter of fact, no nothing!

Can anything else be more simpler than that?

Honestly, I do not think so!

Are you feeling excited?

amazon kdp

Most likely you are!

But before continuing...

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

to make money online in nigeria

My name is Kome Motunrayo Omonoteje.

I am the eldest child in a family of 6 children - 2 boys and 4 girls.

I am from Delta state in Nigeria.

After my secondary school days, I left for Lagos where I got employed with The Guardian Newspapers at their Isolo Oshodi Expressway office as a Technical Trainee.

My first salary after deductions was N176, a not-so-small amount of money in those days at least for a school cert holder.

During that time, the exchange rate of naira to dollar was less than 5 naira to the dollar. But today it is above 1,300 naira to the dollar.

Anyway, after my brief job stint with The Guardian Newspapers from 1986 to 1987, I went back to school and got my HND in Accountancy and PGD in Computer Science from Imo State University, Owerri in Nigeria.

I later got employed with New Nigeria Bank Ltd where I worked at their Inspection / Audit Department from 1994 to 2000.

See the image below.

amazon kdp

From there, I went on to work with the Delta State Civil Service as an Accountant from 2002 till 2019.

I am telling you all these to let you know that I have been a salary earner once who had just one source of income perhaps like you...

Living from paycheck to paycheck...

Constantly worrying about mounting bills...

And the money never being enough to take care of my ever rising family commitments.

But, now I have several powerful online businesses.

And I can tell you in confidence that I like my life far better now than when I depended solely on the income from my paid employment.

At present I run my own private firm known as Netpro Marketing International.

Netpro Marketing International is the umbrella body for all my online businesses which include SolutionsQuarters.com and IMHeadquartersng.com, amongst others.

My first ever online business, trueloveadvisor.com (now defunct), was established back in 2010 (over a decade ago) at a time when the online community still viewed Nigerians with great suspicion worldwide.

to make money online in nigeria

Right now I have moved on to projects 10 times far greater than that one, with Netpro marketing International as the umbrella body.

Our major business at Netpro Marketing International is conducting regular research into viable businesses and investment opportunities in Nigeria and even outside Nigeria.

We also help small businesses run their social media services, advertising campaigns, email campaigns, marketing campaigns, and so on.

After haven been a salary earner for years myself, Netpro Marketing International is committed to helping salary earners and other smart investors create a SOLID SIDE INCOME in addition to their "9 to 5" salary job through mentorship programs and workshops.

to make money online in nigeria

Our goal for the next 5 years is to help 1,000,000 salary earners and other smart investors in Nigeria establish additional sources of income while working full-time without the need to work more.

Way back in 2010 when I had my first stint in internet marketing, my step-daughter was just 4 years old.

And in Kindergarten.

Now, she is 17 years old.

And a secondary school leaver.

Yet, I have never seen a business next to food and healthcare anywhere on planet earth like the data reselling business - except, of course, Bitcoin, oil and gas, and perhaps gold.

To be completely honest with you, the data reselling business is one of the most powerful ways I have discovered for anyone with half a brain to make money online and super fast too.

And I am 100% confident that the business can also help you move from where you are right now to where you would love to be financially before the end of THIS YEAR. 

how to start a data reselling business in nigeria
data reselling business pdf guide

But... Here is the challenge with the Data Reselling Business...

Challenge #1: Fake / Scam / Poor-Performing Data Reselling Websites

For starters, take a look at the image below.

where to buy data in bulk online for resale in nigeria

Here is another one below.

sme data reselling websites

 Did you see those screaming headlines?

Here they are again below.

Don’t buy data from Speedydata. they are fraud!!! – Politics – Nairaland

How Data Resellers Scammed Me – Phone/Internet Market – Nairaland

Those are some screaming headlines which I came across while doing research on the best sme data reselling website and business in Nigeria.

So, the first major challenge that you will encounter is being able to identify genuine data reselling websites from the fake ones on the internet.

But, is there anything wrong in patronizing retail data resellers as long as they are legit and you do not lose your money?

Well, I will tell you what is wrong with patronizing unverified and unprofessional retail data resellers instead of going directly to the wholesalers.

What you stand to lose:

By dealing with middlemen data resellers...

1. You will spend more money on buying data and performing other transactions with lesser profit margin.

2. You have greater chances of falling into the hands of scammers – especially if you do not know what to look out for.

Challenge #2: Weak Internet Connection

The data reselling business is an internet-based business.

So, you need to have a strong internet connection at all times to be able to do the business successfully.

In the first place, you cannot hope to have a smooth communication with your customers without a strong internet connection.

Additionally, without a strong internet connection, you cannot fulfill customers' orders very quickly.

Therefore, you need to have constant access to the internet through a strong internet connection at all times.

However, many places in Nigeria are still battling with weak internet connection. Your own area may be one of such places.

As difficult to believe as it may seem, some places in Nigeria are still struggling with 3g network – in this day and age when the world is talking about artificial intelligence (AI) and 5g network.

Therefore, a major challenge that you will experience in your data reselling business is weak internet connection.

So, the question arises: how do you overcome the problem of weak internet connection if you come across it in your business?

Challenge #3: Where To Get Customers For Your Data Reselling Business

Starting the data reselling business is one thing. But, getting customers to patronize your data reselling business is a different kettle of fish altogether.

By the way, many companies and large corporations spend millions of naira to do publicity and marketing of their products and services to the public.

You certainly do not have plenty of money like these big companies to spend on publicity and marketing of your data reselling business.

So, how do you publicize and market your business to the public without having to sell your properties to raise money for the purpose of marketing and advertising your data reselling business?

Again, turning to Google and YouTube will not provide you with any practical suggestions and recommendations that you can apply to raise money quickly to promote and market your data reselling business.

Lack of a Reliable Data Reselling Business PDF Guide 

Finally, the greatest challenge that you will encounter in this business is the non-availability of a reliable step by step PDF guide that will take you by the hand and lead you through the whole process of setting up a data reselling business from start to finish.

Frankly, the importance of unrestricted access to a reliable data reselling business PDF guide cannot be overemphasised.

In the first place, it will reveal a whole lot of important information about the data reselling business in Nigeria, like...

1. The genuine SME Wholesale Data Vendors to partner with along with data reselling websites with poor customer service and very low ratings by users on the internet.

2. How to launch your data reselling business from start to finish – from getting started to raising money quickly for publicity and marketing without having to sell your properties, on to handling weak internet connection, and so on.

3. Most importantly, where and how to get customers for your data reselling business.

Truth be told, I was beside myself with wonder and bewilderment as I pondered over the question: how do you then overcome these huge and enormous challenges standing between you and making lots of money with the data reselling business in Nigeria?

Thinking that I was missing something important, I spent 2 whole weeks in a row going through Google and YouTube, dissecting all the information I found there and almost starved myself to death in the process...

But I was still not able to get a single reliable guide to use in starting the business...

Until I stumbled on the exact piece of information I was looking for from a little-known obscured source on the internet that is completely hidden from the eagle-like view of even the mighty Google and YouTube.

Through this source, I was able to discover everything required to set up a full-fledged, fully-functional data reselling website – from start to finish.

Instantly, a light bulb went off in my head and I was overjoyed at this great discovery.

great discovery

And here is what I did next...

Without wasting time, I sat down in my favorite blue-color chair in the sitting room of my 3-bedroom well-furnished apartment...

And I carefully put together everything that I learned during my 15 whole days of intense, painful, nerve-wracking extensive research.

But, that is not even the half of it.

The best part is that I am prepared to share everything with you TODAY... 

So that you will not have to waste your precious time and expensive data going through enormous stress and pain...

In a vain, fruitless effort to figure out all that is required to start a successful data reselling business on your own…

Only to end up feeling frustrated and disappointed in the end.

Therefore, it is to help you overcome these enormous challenges and make your Mobile Data Reselling Business as simple and stress-free as possible...

That I have put together a comprehensive STEP BY STEP blueprint that you will ever find anywhere on the internet regarding how to successfully and profitably start making 100k-300k+ per month from the data reselling business in Nigeria.

Congratulations in advance because you are in for a mind-blowing experience!

where to buy and resell mobile data in nigeria

So, without further ado... 

I hereby present to you the first-of-its-kind explosive and mind-blowing all-in-one course on the mobile data reselling business in Nigeria...

"The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)"

the ultimate daily income blueprint bundle

The First All-in-ONE Complete Course for Instant Mobile Data Reselling Business Success

Here is what you are getting from this powerful course:

the ultimate daily Income Blueprint data reseller business pdf guide

"The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint (How I Earned Over 300,000 Naira With Less Than 10k In One Month From Data Reselling Business Which You Can Copy & Replicate To Bank Huge Profits Every Single Day From Your Home!)" Powerful PDF Report --- Value 7,500 naira 

free data reselling pdf guide

“The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint…!” is a complete no holds-barred practical step-by-step internet marketing dossier. Also known as “The Data Resellers Millionaire’s Handbook”, this wonderful and exciting internet marketing classic – “The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint…!” – will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the data reselling business in Nigeria Within a Few Hours’ Time without mincing words or beating about the bush.

the ultimate daily Income blueprint

Here is what you will discover:

  • ONE major powerful difference between the Data Reselling Business and other ways of making money online. 
  • check
    How to pump up your data reselling business with steroids for instant faster growth.
  • 2 crucial things you must avoid while launching your Data Reselling Business. Miss this and you stand the risk of failing even BEFORE you start your business! 
  • What NEVER to use when opening a Retailer Data Reselling Business. 
  • check
    The single best way to discover where to get high quality customers for your business... (This strategy locks them down lightning fast and makes a whole world of difference between guaranteed consistent sales every month and simply struggling without any sales from one month to the next.) 
  • check
    3 SECRET places to get instant customers for your data reselling business, as well as the SEVEN effective powerful strategies to use in getting these customers 
  • check
    ONE SNEAKY way to deal with buyer apathy and handle objections from people who believe that for anything to be good it must be expensive.

This is just the beginning. I will also reveal...

  • SEVEN simple, yet powerful ways to prevent your mobile internet data from finishing very fast and make it to last longer 
  • 3 little-known ways to identify fake data reselling websites and their agents; as well as how to know a genuine and legitimate data reselling business in Nigeria 
  • The absolute best NUMBER ONE SME Wholesale Data Reselling Vendor with the cheapest data anywhere on the internet that you can patronize for huge profits 
  • check
    My TOP 3 other data resellers that you can partner with in setting up a data reselling business in Nigeria 
  • check
    The 7 major ways to make money from the NUMBER ONE best SME wholesale data reselling vendor on the internet (number 5 and 6 will blow you away, seriously!) 
  • check
    The step by step procedure for registering with the NUMBER ONE best SME wholesale data reselling vendor
  • check
    How to fund your wallet and dispense data and perform other transactions on the best wholesale data vendor website
  • check
    3 basic but highly important things to look out for before joining a data reselling website to avoid losing your money.
  • check
    ONE powerful tool for promoting your business online that is 10X far better and which the Top Data Resellers are using to find customers like crazy.
  • check
    The 3 fastest secret strategies to generate MASSIVE SALES with the data reselling business known to man! (These go against everything you’ve ever been told by the “gurus”)
  • check
    7 important factors to consider that are crucial to the success of your data reselling business. Miss this and you can very well say goodbye to the data reselling business!
  • check
    3 different strategies to use to have CONSTANT ACCESS to a strong internet connection at all times.
  • check
    The ONLY proper way to set up your data reselling business for instant success and profitability from day one.
  • check
    Plus, so much more!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get “The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint…!”, TODAY and start a powerful multidimensional home business opportunity that is capable of making you a millionaire very quickly as you provide a better life for your family and loved ones!

Honestly Speaking

“this ebook is the BEST power-packed internet marketing guide that you will read in a long time...” – Desmond Efegbive, Internet Marketer

Matter of fact, if you read only one e-book on “Easy Ways to Make Money Online from Nigeria” this year, ensure that it is this book: “The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint…!

But, do not take my word for it.

Check out what people are saying about "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint...!" below.

You will also get another equally powerful and mind-blowing life-changing 45-page PDF guide titled:

"Earn $1,250 Or More Weekly Doing 2-3 Hours Simple CPA Jobs With Just Your SmartPhone! (Create Your Own Dollar ATM Machine TODAY!)"   Powerful PDF Report --- Value 7,500 naira 

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This new powerful guide will teach you 3 SECRET WAYS to cash out in dollars without leaving your home in Nigeria! By the way, at 1,300 naira to the dollar, you only need to earn 100 dollars consistently every day to be a BIG BOY and have enough money to take care of your family expenses in Nigeria - even if the price of fuel rises to 2,000 naira per liter!


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My Fast Action Bonus #7: VIDEO - How To Create A Great Video Without Writing The Script Yourself Using AI And Just Your Smartphone In Less Than 20 Minutes --- Valued: 15,000 naira

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In Summary

See everything you are getting in this awesome package below

The total value of what you are getting in this package is worth


I think I would be justified if I ask you to pay just 10% of that amount, which will arrive at 


But, I will not.

I will not even ask you to pay anything near 5% of the total value of the complete package for this course.


You are not paying N385,500, N38,550 or even N19,275

Then, how much will this mind-blowing package cost you?

Alright, here it is. When you order TODAY, you will only have to pay...


The 1st 20 Persons To Send In Their Order And Make Payment RIGHT AWAY Will Get An Additional N2,000 Discount Instantly! 

In other words...

IF You Are Among The 1st 20 Persons to Order and Make Payment RIGHT NOW, You Will Get “The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint (TUDIB)...!” PLUS All The Juicy Mind-Blowing Bonuses Valued At Over N300,000

 ALL For JUST N2,997 ONLY!


Pay ONLY 2,997 naira right now... 

And get instant access to a money making BEAST valued at 305,500 naira with the uncommon capacity of spitting out cold, hard CASH every single month, all year round. 

I know you are dumbfounded right now and you are like:

"You mean, if I pay just 2,997 naira right now, I will get instant access to the complete package of "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)" worth 305,500 naira?"

Oh yes, that's correct!

Honestly, it's a steal! Is it not?

it's a steal

Of course it is.

Though it may seem unbelievable, but it is the whole truth.

I must be out of my mind, right?

Not really.

But, to be honest with you, I have never done anything like this before… And likely won’t do it ever again.

The regular price for "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint  Bundle (TUDIBB)" is 29,997 naira.

And even at 29,997 naira, it is a mere pittance to what it could make you every single month…

But, let me repeat myself to make this abundantly clear: you won’t pay ANYTHING close to 29,997 naira…

You will only have to pay 2,997 naira when you order TODAY.

And everything in this package will be yours instantly.

What is more? This perfect blueprint for making money online / personal income generator is offered with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.


What it simply means is that…

If, after purchasing and going through everything in this money making step by step guide, you feel that you have been scammed in any way or that you are not completely satisfied with what you got, all you need to do is simply ask...

And you will get your money back – IN FULL.

Just like that!

Without any quibbles or lengthy questions.

And without any hard feelings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now, I know you are not stupid.

So, I am sure you are asking yourself right now:

"Why is he doing this? I am sure there is a catch somewhere. Why give away a money making machine for peanuts? Who does that? After all, if something is too good to be true, it usually is NOT TRUE!"

So, let me put your mind to rest.

Here are my reasons below.

Why Am I Doing This?

I am charging this low amount for this money making beast - "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)" - basically for 2 reasons.

Reason #1

Let's face it.

Times are hard and the economy is brutal for many families across the country right now.

According to a report credited to The Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, "in 2022, 133 million Nigerians live in various stages of multidimensional poverty."

I am certain that figure has grown by over 25% since the inception of this regime of "Shege Banza Pro Max".

That is grime statistics indeed.

It is obvious that the government is clueless about how to ameliorate the suffering of the masses.

And, believe me, it will only get worse.

So, making the "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)" as affordable as possible is my own contribution towards helping as many Nigerians as possible get on the path to financial recovery and secure a better life super fast.

Reason #2

The second reason is to gain your trust that I can help you by actually helping you start a very lucrative passive income business.

Doing this, I will thereby succeed in building a business relationship with you that hopefully will last for many years to come.


By applying a 27,000 naira discount in your favour, I thereby prove that I really wish to see you get started in this business and succeed without any excuse.

And when you do succeed, you will obviously give a positive feedback about my services and recommend me to others.

Do you not agree?


When you order TODAY, you will only have to pay 2,997 naira...

And instantly get access to everything in this package.

Now, that is a whooping 90% discount.

But here’s the catch….

This is a Limited Time Offer.

The countdown timer has already begun even as you read this line and the doors to this offer will be closed very soon…

(And no, this isn’t one of those BS fake countdown timers with ‘fake’ scarcity...this is real and we will be shutting the doors very soon)

So claim this offer now by simply making payment right away (details to make payment is displayed below)…

Once you do...you’ll instantly be granted access to literally everything that you need to start and operate a wildly successful data reselling business in Nigeria…EVERYTHING!

As I mentioned earlier....

Once the doors is closed, you won’t ever be able to purchase this again.

(Even if you email us pleading...Sorry!)

So take advantage of this no-brainer offer right now and set your finances up to finally get the growth you've been searching for all these years.

And you will not be doing it all alone.

You will have my complete, undivided one-on-one mentorship and support every single day of the week.


No more wondering what will work…

No more fumbling about in the dark, stumbling and falling severally... 

And no more having to figure it out for yourself on your own…

It took me 3 years of figuring all these out on my own while spending thousands of money buying courses, many of which were outright garbage.


I not only succeed in putting 27,000 naira back into your pocket...

I also succeed in reducing the learning curve for you by 2 or 3 years. 

So, don't wait and procrastinate.

Cos delay is very dangerous indeed.

To get your copy right away, you will only need to pay the sum of 2,997 naira into our official bank account displayed below.


Account Number: 101 393 2403

After making your payment, send your proof of payment by email to: dailyincome@solutionsquarters.com.

To speed up the confirmation process, you can also send your proof of payment to me personally on my Whatsapp mobile number - +234 701 866 5923

"How and when will I get my The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)?"

You will receive your "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle TUDIBB)" package via your email address immediately after confirming your payment with our bankers.

So, there you have it.

Now You Do Not Have Any Excuse Not To CASH OUT BIG This Year!

And what is standing between you and 300k to 1m naira salary per month with the data reselling business is a mere 2,997 naira.

Now, come to think of it... 

What can you do with 2,997 naira in our present-day Nigerian economy?

Divide 2,997 naira by 30

And you have 99.90 naira.

Far more than what you spend on airtime every day.

Give 2,997 naira to your wife or girlfriend in a month and see whether she will still call you "honey", "sweetheart" or "sugar pie"!

You see...

2,997 naira is NOTHING!!!

At the rate of 1,500 naira to the dollar, 2,997 naira is less than $2 US dollars.

2,997 naira cannot even buy you a mere 5 liters of fuel, which I am sure will not carry you more than 2 days at home.

Yet, with just 2,997 naira, you have the golden opportunity of plugging into a powerful business opportunity that has the capacity to transform your life and that of your family within a few months from now.

price of fuel in Nigeria 2023

Now, which is better to do with that 2,997 naira?

Option 1: Purchase "The Ultimate Daily Income Blueprint Bundle (TUDIBB)" complete with all the juicy mouthwatering bonuses worth 305,500 naira for JUST 2,997 naira, plunge into this business without any delay and become empowered to provide the very best in life for your loved ones a few months from now. 


Option 2: Add 103 naira to it and use 3,100 naira to buy 5 liters of fuel which you will use to power your house and it will finish within 2 days while you continue to complain endlessly about being broke and not having enough money all the time.

Obviously, option 1 is the better of the 2 options.

So, what are you waiting for?

Secure Your Copy Right Away!!!

Pay the sum of 2,997 naira into our official bank account displayed below.




Account Number: 101 393 2403

After making your payment, send your proof of payment by email to: dailyincome@solutionsquarters.com.

To speed up the confirmation process, you can also send your proof of payment to me personally on my Whatsapp mobile number - +234 701 866 5923


You can close this page right now.

Forget everything about this powerful lifechanging business opportunity.

And continue to complain about the bad Nigerian government and how they are making life miserable and unbearable for the common man.

And also go on worrying day after day about your ever rising bills and how to take care of your family.

While waiting for a messiah to come to power and rescue the common man from poverty and starvation.

Now take a look at the statistics below for the last 15 years since 2007.

vtu business

So, you see?

Things will not get better.

It can only get worse.

Cos the stats do not lie.

If the financial situation in the country has plummeted to a deplorable situation since independence, is it now that things will change?

You can either take action RIGHT NOW to take charge and change the direction of the finances of your family.


You can continue to do what you have been doing all these years.

Sit tight without taking any action while you hope and pray for a messiah to come. 

The choice is yours.

But whatever you decide, it is ALL GOOD.

And I wish you the best of luck.

to make money online in nigeria

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