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Join Longrich Bioscience International With Just 14,000 Naira Through Our Global Achievers Team TODAY And Earn Over 50,000,000 Naira Within The Next 12 Months GUARANTEED!!! 

See the juicy, mouth-watering commissions and bonuses which awaits you every week of the year below.

Table of Weekly Commissions in Longrich Bioscience International

As you can see above, you stand a chance of earning over 50,000,000 naira from Longrich Bioscience International within the next one year - GUARANTEED.

All you need to do is:

1. Come on board with JUST 14,000 naira

2. Get 3 other persons to come on board

3. Share the opportunity with them.

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You do not need to engage in endless sermons like a Sunday School teacher.

Simply send everyone around you to this page and allow this page to do the rest. 

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They will simply send everyone around them to THIS PAGE and this page will do the rest. 

Do you see the endless possibility in this?

As more and more people join your team...

Simply sit back, relax and watch you bank account bombarded with juicy, mouth-watering alerts every single week of the year.

When that happens, what would stop you from popping champagne every single week of the year?

Now, who says you cannot be a millionaire THIS YEAR?

Tell them they are DEAD WRONG!

This is network marketing, right?

Oh yes, it is!

Now, hold on!

Before you say...

"Oh sorry, network marketing? It's not my thing!"

Check out what some billionaires have to say about this business below.

What Billionaires Are Saying...


You do not have to believe me.

Feel free to visit good ol' Google to confirm all those statements for yourself.

"Can I Really Make Money From This Business?" 

"If I can make N200k per month, I will be very happy!"

"No time! I am always busy from morning till night." 

From Cupcake Seller To Multi-Millionaire

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Solomon Okyere was a former cupcake seller now turned a multi-millionaire because he partnered with Longrich Bioscience International 6 years ago.

According to the testimony which was published on the website, Solomon's father died when he was six years of age.

After that, life became very difficult for him and his mother.

In order to survive, his mother would make cupcake for Solomon to hawk.

It was the proceeds from the sale of the cupcake that they would use to take care of their basic needs, which included feeding.

He did this all through his childhood days till he was 22 years of age and stumbled on the powerful lifechanging Longrich business opportunity.

That was in 2016 and Solomon immediately joined the business opportunity without delay.

To cut the long story short, Solomon Okyere's life has been transformed completely.

He is now a multi-millionaire and no longer sells cupcake for a living.

Solomon has traveled to Dubai 5 times so far and stayed in a 5 Star hotel each of those times, all expenses paid for by Longrich Bioscience International.

He has also travelled to China and was lodged in a 5 star hotel, all expenses also paid for by Longrich Bioscience International.

Aside from that, Solomon Okyere has also qualified for a brand new car.

And best of all, he is getting a fat amount of money in his account every week from Longrich Bioscience International.

Here is what Solomon Okyere has to say about his experience below.

"I can’t still believe that a poor hawker like me will be enjoying life all because I decided to take a risk and change my destiny."

"Longrich has changed my life and you can do it, just keep an open mind BELIEVE AND TRUST GOD!"

See his short video testimony below.

How is Longrich different from other network marketing companies?

1. Longrich Bioscience International is 36 years old and 10 years old in Nigeria with a global reputation for providing valuable products and services.

Billionaire Warren Buffet, the "Oracle of Omaha", urges wise and intelligent investors to invest ONLY in a company that is above 10 years old.

2. Longrich Bioscience International has grown so big with a global presence in 190 countries of the world, including Nigeria.

3. Longrich Bioscience International operates a direct sales model, E-commerce Platform, traditional supermarkets, Franchise Retail Shop, Factory Visiting Tourism, among others.

4. Longrich Bioscience International has 8 world-class Research and Development Institutes in America, Japan, France and China where their products are researched and manufactured.

5. The 9th Research and Development Manufacturing Plant of Longrich Bioscience International costing a whooping $200,000,000 (USD) has been established at Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria.

6. Longrich Bioscience International has millions of shares in Soochow Securities Investment, Guo Jia Investment Fund, Guo Fa Financial Fund, ChangShu Agriculture Trade Investment, Suzhou Bank, Wei Fang Agriculture Trade Investment, Shanghai Bank of Ke Cheng and single-handedly initiated the establishment of Suzhou Hong Yun Bank total investment of 300 million Yuan.

7. Longrich Bioscience International has a total brand value of $3 billion (USD).

"I can see that this is legit. But, are you sure this will work for me?"

110% positive. YES, this will work for you.

It has worked for different people in all works of life and professions - barristers, professional accountants, civil servants and salary earners both in the private and public sectors, including notable politicians and popular Nolywood actors and actresses, as well as business people.

Since it has worked for these people, YES, it will for you too.

"What do I get with my payment of N14,000?"

You get Longrich products worth N14,000.

There are 2 options - A and B.

Option A Products

2 Mosquito Repellents
1 White Tea toothpaste (200g)
1 White Tea (Anti-dandruff) Hair Shampoo
1 Bottle of Iron-zinc Calcium (120 Tablets)

Option B Products

2 Mosquito Repellents
1 White Tea toothpaste (200g)
2 SOD Body Cream
1 Brightening Hand Cream

This is the Starter Combo pack of Longrich Bioscience International (Nigeria) and it qualifies you to earn from referral bonus and Performance Bonus from the transactions of people joining your team every week FOR LIFE.

"I do not like to hawk products all over the place like a refugee!!!"

Neither do I.

And, YES, you will NEVER be required to hawk products up and down all over the place.

"I do not want to purchase products every month o!"

And neither do I.

All you will ever need to do is make a one-time purchase of 14,000 naira and you will be earning juicy, mouth-watering commissions every week.

See the table above for details. 

"I don't know how to talk to people and convince them to join!"

If that is your concern, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We have you covered.

You will be included in our mentorship program where you will receive practical trainings and guidance on how to talk to people.


You will also have access to THIS PAGE. 

Simply send your prospects to THIS PAGE with the link

You do not need to engage in endless sermon like a Sunday School teacher.

Simply send everyone around you to this page and allow this page to do the rest. 

And as people join your team...

They too will also do the same thing.

No need for them to engage in endless sermon like a Sunday School teacher.

They will simply send everyone around them to THIS PAGE and this page will do the rest. 

Do you see the endless possibility in this?

But, that is not all.

You will also benefit from spillovers of people joining our team through our adverts and promotional campaigns.

What this means is that you will have the opportunity of getting members under you from those joining our team.

But, take note that this is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.

So, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. 

"Exactly how do I join?"

To join us right away, you will only need to pay the sum of 14,000 naira into the official Longrich bank account in Nigeria shown below.


Account Number: 1012908177

You are making payment directly into the official Longrich bank account in Nigeria.

A simple Google Search will confirm the bank account displayed above.

So, you have nothing whatsoever to be scared of.

Your transaction is completely SAFE.

But, please DO NOT use POS or ATM to do a transfer.

You can use your bank short code on your mobile phone.

Or, use your bank's mobile app to also do the transfer.

Thereafter, screenshot the payment successful page or debit alert and send it to Motunrayo on +234 701 866 5923

"What if I am already a Longrich member?"

If you are already a Longrich member, then there is nothing we can do for you.

"How and when will I get my Longrich products?"

As soon as your payment is confirmed by Longrich, you will be notified by phone so that you can collect your products from the nearest Longrich Stockist closest to your residence.

"How and when will I get my bonuses worth N630,000?"

You will receive your LOOMYS package via the email address you enter in the order form.

So, there you have it.

Now You Do Not Have Any Excuse Not To CASH OUT BIG This Year!

And what is standing between you and 50,000,000 naira right now is a mere 14,000 naira.

But, come to think of it... 

What will 14,000 naira prevent you from doing in our present-day Nigerian economy?

Will it prevent you from completing your house this year?

Or, will it prevent you from buying that dream car of yours?

You see...

N14,000 is NOTHING!!!

Matter of fact, 14,000 naira cannot even buy half a bag of quality rice in the market these days.

At the rate of 500 naira to the dollar, 14,000 naira is a mere 28 dollars.

Yet, with just 14,000 naira, you have the golden opportunity of plugging into a powerful business opportunity that has the capacity to transform your life and that of your family within the next one year.

Now, which is better to do with that 14,000 naira?

Option 1: Do what young Solomon Okyere did 6 years ago, plunge into this business without any delay and become empowered to provide the very best in life for your family a few months from now. 


Option 2: Add 1,500 naira to it and use the money to buy half a bag of rice which the whole family will eat and it will finish in less than 6 months while you continue to worry about the ever rising cost of foodstuff in the market, how to pay your children's school fees and also provide a better life for your family.

Obviously, option 1 is the better of the 2 options.

So, what are you waiting for?

Or, you can close this page right now.

Forget everything about this powerful lifechanging business opportunity.

And continue to complain about the bad Nigerian government and how they are making life miserable and unbearable for the common man.

And also go on worrying day after day about your ever rising bills and how to take care of your family.

The choice is yours.

Whatever you decide, it is ALL GOOD.

And I wish you the best of luck.

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