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how to start a data reselling business in Nigeria the complete guide

by Kome Omonoteje

Former Nigerian Bank Staff

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You are about to get INSTANT ACCESS to My Secret Blueprint Consisting ONE HUGE PDF Report Plus 12 powerful videos which will guide you through the whole process of working and earning in dollars online from the comfort of home as a Nigerian.

What You Will Discover:

Here is what you will discover in this powerful boxful of videos and PDF reports:

⇒ The top 21 US Companies and Businesses that will pay you 700 - 1,000 Dollars Per Day for doing 2-3 hours simple tasks online (Number 9 and Number 15 will BLOW YOU AWAY!)

⇒ My step by step guide which walks you through the entire process of joining and working with these American businesses

⇒ My closely-guarded Secret Strategies and Tools that I personally use to do these tasks at lightning speed

⇒ How to transfer your sweet-smelling, high-powered, life-changing dollars from your online accounts to your bank account right here in Nigeria without having to visit the local aboki man who will shortchange you and greatly reduce your earnings at the Black Market

⇒ Plus so much more!

The Tools You Need Are All Available On The Internet And Most Of Them Are Free. As For The Tasks, They Are So Simple That It Is Like Taking A Piece Of Candy From The Hand Of A 2 Year Old Child! The Best Part Is: You Can Do This With Just Your Mobile Phone & Internet Data Starting From Right NOW!!!

Honestly, in all my 6 years as a former Nigerian Bank Staff (from 1994 to 2000) and with over 10 years practical experience (from 2010 till date) in the internet marketing field, I have never seen anything like this!

But do not take my word for it. Check out the testimonials below.

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Take a look at the Sparkling New Fresh-from-the-oven 52-page Powerful PDF Report that is about to become yours TODAY for keeps!

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"Earn $1,250 Or More Weekly Doing 2-3 Hours Simple CPA Jobs With Just Your Smartphone Right Here In Nigeria! (Create Your Own Dollar ATM Machine Today!)” by Motunrayo Omonoteje, teaches you how to start your own double-edged internet marketing business within minutes. Get ready to Create Your Own Dollar ATM Machine TODAY!

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You will also have INSTANT ACCESS to my NUMBER ONE website where you can buy Cheap Data & Airtime, Pay Electricity Bills and Cable TV (DSTV, GOtv and Star Times) Subscriptions, Generate Educational PINs (WAEC & NECO Result Checker & Registration PINs), Print Recharge Cards and Do So Much More For FREE!!!

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how to start a data reselling business in nigeria
data reselling business in Nigeria complete guide
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Oh, I almost forgot…

If you take action RIGHT NOW, you will also get instant access to this special INSIDER VIDEOS completely FREE:

How to Save N20,000 Or More On Gas, Fuel, Diesel & Kerosene Without Reducing Your Normal Consumption Every Single Month!

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Plus these juicy mouth-watering incentives... 

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In Case We’re Meeting For The First Time...

kome motunrayo omonoteje

My name is Kome Motunrayo Omonoteje. 

I am the owner of Komebiz International, the umbrella body for all my online businesses.

Some of these online businesses include SolutionsQuarters.com and IMHeadquartersng.com.

IMHeadquartersng.com is 10 years old, while SolutionsQuarters.com is 2 years old. You can confirm this on whois.com.

Aside from being a blogger and an accountant, I am also a writer with 2 powerful books on the international marketplace at Amazon.

The first one is a 336-page mind-blowing, first-of-its-kind thriller titled: "Omeovousu: 50 Painful Years Of Agonizing Battles & Torture Of A Mother And Her Firstborn (A Personal Memoir)". See the image below.

omeovousu book

Check it out on Amazon here.

The second one is a 260-page relationship sensational titled: "Why Marriage? The Ultimate Guide For Finding Your Soul Mate, Tying The Knot, Succeed And Make Your Marriage Last For Life!" See the image below.  

why marriage by motunrayo omonoteje

Check it out on Amazon here.

By the way, nothing gives me greater joy than helping individuals start and operate wildly successful online businesses.

It is my fervent desire to help you succeed too.

See what one of my students has to say about me below.

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But, you do not have to believe him.

You can do your own thorough independent research and investigation about the man Kome Motunrayo Omonoteje from good ol' friendly Google. 

"I have seen enough. I do not want to do any other research!"

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I will not even be charging you 5% of that amount, which will amount to...


Do you know why?

Let's face it.

It is not easy living in Nigeria today due to high cost of living.

The price of virtually everything has gone up, including basic necessities of life like food, clothing, house rent and transportation.

Meanwhile, the salary of civil servants have largely remained the same.

What about business owners?

They too have also been adversely affected by the harsh economic policies of our insensitive government.

Thus, many businesses have experienced a decline in their revenue, while some have folded up or in the process of folding up.

As such, money is not easy to come by.

So, placing a high price on the "New Dead Easy Monthly Dollar Salary Smartphone Income Technique" package will be a disservice to many individuals who would have been interested in getting the program.

That is why I have decided to subsidize the fee greatly in order for plenty of people to be able to afford the program.

It is my own little way of giving back to the society who made me what I am today. 

Therefore, you will not be paying  N217,500, N108,750 or even N10,875...

So, how much?

Well, when you order TODAY, you will only have to pay...

N2,997 ONLY
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And I guess you spend more than that to buy airtime and data every month.

Honestly, it cannot get better than this.

However, you will need to hurry because this offer is NOT for everyone.

As a matter of fact, it is for the first 100 people to order and make payment for the course.

And to show you how determined many people are right now to make this year a better year than the previous one... 

65 slots of those 100 slots have already been paid for and secured by fast action takers.

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WARNING! Be informed that the mind-blowing bonuses valued at N177,500 is available for a very limited time only and this page will be removed anytime without notice.

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When the NEXT PAGE is displayed, follow the instructions on the page to secure your package without delay.

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After submitting the form, the next thing you should do immediately is to make payment to bank.

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ACCOUNT NUMBER: 101 393 2403

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Here is the contact info to use to notify me of your purchase below.

By Email: dollarsalarybundle@solutionsquarters.com

By Phone via WhatsApp: +234 70 1866 5923

NOTE: To speed up the confirmation process, you can also send your payment proof to Kome personally on his phone number via WhatsApp: 07018665923.

Thereafter, your payment will be confirmed and your package will be sent to you via the email address you provided while filling the order form.

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